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Moui... j'ai bien rigolé Si tu joues les taquins, l'IA se comporte un peu comme un vrai maître de jeu: elle fait se qu'elle peut sans se décourager !

Mon histoire:

You are Taahar tag, a ranger living in the kingdom of Larion. You have a hunting bow and a quiver of arrows. You have been searching for a mystical beast for 3 months tracking it through the forest. As you crouch behind a clump of trees you see a hunched over creature staring intently at a spot just past the border of the forest.

I cut a tree.

You walk to the other side of the beast and start chopping a tree at arm's length from a branch. You start fitting an arrow in your bow, but the creature soon notices.

I say «hello».

It looks at you, and gives a blood chilling howl. You draw back on the arrow and aim. The creature lets out a terrifying bay, and stomps away into the forest.

I go back to the tree and I continue cutting it.

You throw away the axe and grab a bow as the creature comes running back towards you. You notch an arrow and loose instantly but the creature is faster, leaping into the air and running off.

I throw food to the creature.

You walk back and start throwing meat over to the creature. It snatches it from the air and walks away.

I call the creature with a gentle voice.

You try to call the creature gently and speak to it, but it only growls and snarls. You give up and walk away. You look around. You are by a small river.

I start fishing to catch a fish and give it to the nice creature.

You walk over to the river and start fishing. You cast your line out and slowly pull it in. as it glides through the water you look at what you have caught and realize it is a shark!

I say hello to the shark and give him a hug.

You quickly wrap your arms around the shark and give him a big hug. He bites your arm, drawing blood, and swims away in the river.

that's not so gentle !

You grab a hold of the shark, but he bites your arm again. You let go and he swims away. You look around and realize it's near nightfall.

I cure my wounds and I eat a sandwich drinking a good old coffee.

You look around for bandages and any other items you can use to bandage your wounds and find some oak leaves. You tear them up into strips and wrap your arm tightly.

...and my fucking coffee ?

You look down at the river and realize the morning will be soon arriving. The sun floods through the trees lighting up the water, but you see no sign of your shark.

I don't give a fuck of the mean shark ! I want my coffee !

You walk down to the water and take a sip. It's cold and delicious, but you realize it's empty. You hear a growl behind you, and turn around to see the huge shark.

a growling shark ?! Are you mental ?!

You turn to run, but the shark bursts from the water right behind you. You reach for your bow, but the shark is faster and knocks you to the ground.

why would he do such a nonsense ?! Now you will tell me that he steals my bow and starts his own fucking adventure ?!

You don't remember how exactly, but you manage to grab your bow back from the shark.

I fly to the moon on my unicorn...

You get up and sprint for the nearest tree. The shark bursts from the water behind you, and you hit the tree with your back. You quickly use your bow to shoot at it as it snaps at your heels.

You don't event listen to me, do you ?! t(-_-t)

You pull back the bow again, but you only manage to knock the shark off you by accident. He snaps at you and you push your arrow into his eye.

I'm not an expert but I think that's not the correct way to use a bow...

You push your arrow into his eye, but the shark roars. He flings you against the water and you quickly avoid a bite by ducking underwater.

sure... to fight a shark, let's dunk underwater... Very logical...

You quickly dive underwater and get some distance from the shark. You face the river and start swimming, but you realize the river is flowing in the opposite direction. Why is this happening?

not only I choose to fight a shark ducking underwater but I also swim faster than him... What a good story... (ಠ_ಠ).

You realize you lost the battle, but it doesn't matter. You can live even if you lose the battle.

I'm not sure: that's so disappointing...(ಥ﹏ಥ)

You get out of the water and climb a tree. You are so tired that you can't fight anymore. You wake up and find yourself still in the river, but now on your way to the ocean!

Come on, dude, now I'm worried: is it all ok for you at home ?!

You arrive to the ocean and find that you're not on a raft anymore. You look at your wounds, there is no bone broken, but your arm will have to be stitched up.

I use the force to cure your wounds and grab my fucking coffee... (ノʘヮʘ)ノ:・゚✧.

You decide to take a break. You look around to enjoy the view while sipping your drink, but you suddenly hear a giant splash behind you...

Ça m'a rappelé certaines cessions de JDR quand la team n'a pas l'intention de jouer le jeu

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