Bad News! Windows 10 Will Soon Have a Real Linux Kernel - It's FOSS

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  • «It has started ‘loving’ open source and Linux in the last few years but before that Linux was cancer. »
  • «The Linux community is behaving like a teen-aged girl madly in love with a brute. Who benefits from this Microsoft-Linux relationship? Clearly, Microsoft has more to gain here.»
  • «In the coming years, a significant population of future generation of programmers won’t even bother to try Linux desktop because they’ll get everything right in their systems that comes pre-installed with Windows.»
  • «The desktop Linux will unfortunately see a decline. The Linux Foundation already doesn’t care about the desktop Linux. Out of the millions it gets, literally nothing goes for the development of desktop Linux»
  • «Microsoft loves Open Source. It’s love is so deep that it open sourced the magnificent Windows calculator [...] But when it comes to bringing commercial products like Microsoft Office to Linux, Microsoft suddenly recalls that there is not ‘enough demand’ for MS Office on Linux. Not enough demand? So, were people signing petitions or holding yellow jacket protests for open sourcing Windows calculator? »
  • «This is not love, Microsoft and Linux. This is merely a relationship of convenience. »

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